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Emily McCarthy – Traditions of Hannah Bergen


In the South, we love traditions, yes? Imagine writing your own autobiography and felling the stories closest to your heart in an interactive, engaging way. Hannah Bergen has created just this experience for you, so that you may share the best moments with the dearest ones to your heart. Through thoughtful pen strokes and heartfelt details, your legacy will be vibrant and full of life. Each chapter of the intimate and special moments of your life, inscribed so that they may be relived long after you’ve gone. This is the idea behind Hannah Bergen heirlooms. It takes you back to a time when perfect penmanship stretched across the back of black and white photos of candid moments. Memories were treasured, they were sacred, and they were tangible.

With Hannah Bergen’s Heirloom Kit, anyone can curate an experience full of stories through treasured objects that have been passed down generation after generation. From the hands of mother to daughter, father to son. A simple set of tags can make your task simple: reminisce and record.

I loved being able to share this experience with Rhett and Lillian, knowing that one day these items would be theirs to cherish. I’m excited for them to sit with their own children and tell the stories of those who came before us and what their legacies meant then, and how they’re still alive now.

And let’s not miss the beautiful packaging and branding done by Charleston-based design firm, Stitch Design Co. The box itself becomes a beautiful heirloom that is archival and able to be passed down for generations.

From the blog The Southern Coterie – thesouthernc.com
Written by Emily McCarty – emilymccarthy.com
Photos by Kelli Boyd Photography – kelliboydphotography.com

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