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where something came from;
its earliest history

Emily McCarthy – Traditions of Hannah Bergen

In the South, we love traditions, yes? Imagine writing your own autobiography and felling the stories closest to your heart in an interactive, engaging way. Hannah Bergen has created just this experience for you, so that you may share the best moments with the dearest ones to your heart. Through thoughtful pen strokes and heartfelt details, your […]

Grace’s Ring

My friend Grace is a remarkable 96. She is smart, wise, funny and can tell you stories of so many wonderful family heirlooms.  She recently shared the story of one of her favorites. When Grace was a young girl of 8 or 9, she and her younger brother spent every week-end with their grandmother in […]

I loved visiting my grandparents’ house when I was little…

I loved visiting my grandparents’ house when I was little. We would walk with my grandmother through each room and listen to her as she told us the history of every family heirloom. She would pull out blackened china creamers from out-of-reach cupboards and we would clean-up these treasures like an archeologist on a dig. […]

Hannah Bergen How-To

  In my hands is a small plate with a yellowed note glued to the back: “This was my Grandmother Hough’s cup and saucer when she first went to house keeping in 1820.”  My great-aunt May wrote this note.  I still recognize her beautiful handwriting but my children and their children will not.  They also […]

Welcome to Hannah Bergen!

My great, great Aunt May was a note writer. Spidery lines written on creamy paper were tucked into hand painted glass jars, blue and white Canton tureens, and attached to the backs of samplers. She recalled the stories of rose pastilles kept in the hinged glass jar in the parlor and the name of the […]