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Grace’s Ring

Priceless Ring

My friend Grace is a remarkable 96. She is smart, wise, funny and can tell you stories of so many wonderful family heirlooms.  She recently shared the story of one of her favorites.

When Grace was a young girl of 8 or 9, she and her younger brother spent every week-end with their grandmother in Stillwater, Minnesota.  On Saturday mornings all three of them would go to the local Woolworth’s where their grandmother gave them each 10 cents to spend any way they wished.

One Saturday, Grace decided there was something she wanted to buy.  Grace’s grandmother was divorced and no longer wore a wedding ring.  Grace thought it wasn’t right for her to be without a ring on her finger.  With her 10 cents she bought a sterling silver band and gave it to her to wear.  Her grandmother put it on her ring finger and never took it off.  Now it is Grace’s to treasure, along with sweet memories of her grandmother.

Heirloom:  any object that is cherished, actual monetary value unimportant.

– Daryl

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