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Hannah Bergen Baby Kit



Hopes and dreams, love and lullabies—a baby inspires all of these.  Hannah Bergen Baby is a simple, lasting way to collect, keep and share the cherished mementos and stories of a baby’s birth and childhood milestones.  Everything you will need to record and preserve baby’s memories can be found in this sweet 8”x10 5/8”x 1 ½” paper covered hinged box with custom sections for archival quality tags, books, pen and much more.  A personal collection created with love, this special kit is sure to help create a personalized heirloom-worthy collection to celebrate the newest addition to the family.


Each Hannah Bergen Baby Kit contains:

Vellum Cover Page with Helpful Hints

Name Plate

3 Notebooks:  FIRSTS, GUESTS & GIFTS, and A NOTE for family and friend’s messages and hopes for baby

10 Heirloom Tags with Archival-Quality Pouches

10 Heirloom Stickers

Cream Italian ¼” Cotton Ribbon

1 Pair Gold Scissors

1 Dark Grey Le Pen

25 Special Golden Fabric Pins

9 Baby Bookplates