staying power

Recall the story, and a humble bowl or vase is elevated to family heirloom status.
And we think that’s lovely.

back up

their stories spark an idea...

We visit on a sunny afternoon and we know what’s next. At 90, she’s spry, and never misses a chance to lead us around the house, stopping at framed photographs and wobbly candlestick holders to tell us a story about each one—of travels, weddings, wars and loves. We want to write it all down...

Without their realizing it, the wonderful, note-writing aunts and grandmothers in our family inspired us. We treasure the stories and details they took the time to jot down and attach to family heirlooms—and we aim to continue the tradition.

With Hannah Bergen Heirlooms, we’ve developed a simple, low-tech, and lasting way for anyone to collect information and affix archival-quality tags or labels to furniture, art, tableware, and all sorts of objects. Everything is numbered and coordinated, and easy to share with family and friends.