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hannah bergen heirloom kit



Elegantly designed, the Hannah Bergen Heirloom Kit holds everything you will need to record and save your family heirloom stories.  We believe when you recall the story, instantly, a connection is made to another person, time and place.  This beautiful 8″ x 10 5/8″ x 1 1/2″ hinged case is covered in lovely, heavy textured Patriot Blue paper.  Custom sections safely protect tags, book, envelopes and accessories.

Each Hannah Bergen Heirloom Kit contains:

Vellum cover page with helpful hints

1 Book of Provenance with perforated pages

10 Provenance Envelopes

15 Heirloom Tags and 15 archival-quality glassine pouches

10 Artwork Tags and 10 archival-quality glassine pouches

10 Heirloom Stickers

4 yards black 1/4″ Italian cotton ribbon

1 pair of 4″ scissors

1 Black Le Pen

Roll of glue dots