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Welcome to Hannah Bergen!


My great, great Aunt May was a note writer. Spidery lines written on creamy paper were tucked into hand painted glass jars, blue and white Canton tureens, and attached to the backs of samplers. She recalled the stories of rose pastilles kept in the hinged glass jar in the parlor and the name of the young girl, Hannah Bergen, who hand stitched the needlepoint sampler. These small objects, not valuable monetarily, have become priceless heirlooms because of their stories.

My mother thought that Aunt May was on to something. She had the idea that there should be a way to keep track of the stories of a hand mirror owned by your grandmother, a photograph that hung in your home as a child or the gold wedding band dented and worn down by time. My sister, Erica, and I thought it was a great idea, too, and we joined her to start Hannah Bergen and named it after our great, great, great grandmother.

It is a wonderful gift to work with my family and we are thrilled to introduce our Hannah Bergen Heirloom Kit, Jewelry Bags and accessories. Intentionally low-tech, we believe that your hand-written notes and tags will gain their own family heirloom status.

Happy Story Gathering!



Founders: Daryl, Gilyn & Erica

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Hannah Bergen!”

  1. Today, I received the nicest package. When I opened it, I realized it was something exceedingly special. I can’t wait to decide what is worthy of being recorded, etc., with all the items I now have at hand.

  2. How lovely! My sister and I are family archivists and have many treasures which we want our successors to know about. My Hannah Bergen kit is such a wonderful way to pass on information about our family heirlooms.

    Thank you Daryl, Gilyn, and Erica

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